Monday, April 5, 2010

Great New: Blu ray goes high capacity

The Blu ray disc association gave released a new generation of blu ray discs that holds more than double the amount of data that previous generations of the disc.

The new format, called BDXL, can hold up to 128 GB on a write once blu ray disc, and 100 GB on a rewritable disc.

There is bad news though. Because this new format requires a laser that can penetrate 3 to 4 layers deep into the disc, the PS3 probably won't be able to access these discs (even with a firmware upgrade guys). A more powerful laser probably is needed.

Information Week 05/04/2010
: However, the higher number of layers require a more powerful laser, so the new format is not backward compatible with current hardware used to record data or play today's Blu-ray movies. As a result, adoption of the new technology will likely be slow, until manufacturers start releasing new hardware that can play and record the old and the new formats.
However, don't expect to see these disc in circulation too soon. From experience, it takes a while for new technology to be implemented into society. Sometimes, it is even rejected (remember the Nintendo Gamecube).

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