Friday, August 27, 2010 IQ test

I always wanted to know why people like to advertise online IQ tests through internet ads, so I tried one. It was from a site called
a screenshot of the website just before I submitted my information
Wow! Notice, the terms and conditions:
Did you enter valid information?
Yes, the information that I have entered is valid and I am 18 yeas or older or I have permission of my parents or guardian and I have checked if my mobile phone supports WAP and I have enabled WAP and I accept the costs of 17.50 AUD per week and I accept the terms and conditions.

Gosh! "I accept the costs of 17.50 AUD per week". That must be an extremely accurate IQ test. Also, an interesting thing is it charges weekly. Do people like taking IQ tests every week? Does IQ change that much in a short interval of time?

I had too much time on my hands. 

Note: for people that got suck in, well, I guess its bad luck. I doubt you can get your money back, but the according to the provider's terms and conditions, you can cancel the service and stop paying weekly fees:

Provider allows the user the possibility to interrupt the flow of information received via the SMS service. We offer you information on the Sites that correspond with the Service and/or via the SMS service. Also, in the free welcome message from Provider you will find information on how to cancel the Service. Generally, information received via the SMS service can be interrupted by sending an SMS message with the word STOP. You can send this message to the abbreviated number (the short code) you used for entry. For example you can send the message STOP to the applicable short code and cancellation shall become effective immediately upon receipt of termination request. See for more details the Specific Terms, the landing page of the Site and/or click the flag for your country. Charges may still appear on your mobile phone bill the following month as carriers bill retrospectively. At its own discretion, Provider may, without prior notice to you, suspend or terminate use of the Service by you and destroy and remove Registered Information within the Service for any reason. You agree that Provider may erase or deactivate your account and all information connected with it as well as any lists or files contained by it without delay, and/or deny you further access to the Service.

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