Friday, February 19, 2010

Interesting question: Is google better than yahoo?

I was on the internet today and notice an interesting thing. When you type in "why" in google search, google suggests "why is google better than yahoo".

I saw page titles such as:
  • 9 Examples Why Google Search Is Better Than Yahoo!
  • 7 Things Yahoo Does Better than Google
  • Is google better than yahoo???  
 From an perfectly unbiased point view, I believe that Google is better than Yahoo. Why? Because it gives me more traffic. On a more serious note, Google is set to be my homepage is it loads faster than Yahoo because of its simplicity.

 Google vs Yahoo. Which do you think is better?


  1. Google.. :D
    Because it load faster.
    Btw, do you want to exchange link?
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    Btw, is the sweepstakes is real? I meant we dont need to buy products or subscribe to their magazine?



  2. To Alvin:
    I'll check out your blog and decide whether it displays relevant material to my blog. If it does, I'll love to exchange links. I'll contact you through your blog.

    Yeah. You seem to agree with me that Google loads much faster that Yahoo. Interestingly enough, I have notice that the majority of Hong Kong people like to use Yahoo. Maybe it's a trendy thing.