Monday, November 15, 2010

Overheating laptop solved

I have a HP laptop (its actually the HP Pavilion dv4000 mentioned in one of my earlier posts). Even though it has a manufacturing defect, its still hanging in there. Now, one of the problems I have with this media center laptop is that it overheats a lot.

I have used compressed air to clean the dust out, but the overheating problem persists. My second resort was to enable to a function called "Speedstep".

What is Speed Step?
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology allows the system to dynamically adjust processor voltage and core frequency, which can result in decreased average power consumption and decreased average heat production.                              -Source: Intel
I was interested in the decreased average heat production. Yes, it may result in reduced performances, but this does not matter in my case.

So, how to enable Speed Step?
1. In the bios, set speedstep to automatic. (can't help with this step as bios screens are different)
2. In Power Setting, change the settings from desktop to mobile.

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